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Privacy Policy

Comic books can be deeply personal for many people. As such, iComics is committed to protecting user privacy as much as possible. This app does not implement any first person mechanisms for collecting or storing user identifiying data, and never transmits any information of that nature off the device.

However, for the purposes of guaging app usage and stability, iComics does incorporate two analytics services: Crashlytics and Fabric.


Flurry is used to collect anonymized information about how the app is used for the purpose of prioritizing feature development. This information contains data points such as the pixel resolution of page images, and the length of sessions. At no point is anything directly identifiable, such as comic book names, collection names, is ever transmitted off your device.


Crashlytics is used to detect and analyze app crashes. All information is anonymized, and only device information, such as iOS version number and call stack is transmitted.

By using iComics, you agree to these terms.